Bringing health and beauty to users with technology

Skin technology was formally established in 2015, is a focus on technology, skin testing, AI image recognition algorithms, such as skin care innovative science and technology enterprise.

"Bringing health and beauty to users with technology" is the mission of the skin corporation. In order to realize this vision, Xiaofu with a number of domestic hospital and Institute of Dermatology has established good academic cooperative relations, to protect the company's professional research foundation; technology in the field of artificial intelligence, was developed in collaboration with Hong Kong University Science & Technology, California University and Dezhou University in the deep learning algorithm design, to test technology is always on the skin the frontier of the world.

Xiaofu technology core members both from Alibaba, Microsoft, UT and other large enterprise management and strategic talents, but also in the line of entrepreneurship, honed the technical team. Among them, partner Fang Junping's micro-blog has 3 million 400 thousand fans in the field of skin care well-known blogger.

The initial start-up capital consists of the founder of its own funds, 2 million of the registered capital in place, the completion of the preliminary test and the functional prototype business model at the beginning of 2017, the company in May 2017 to complete the first round of angel round of financing.

Xiaofu will work with professional skin care products companies, platforms and beauty agencies to carry out in-depth cooperation, to assist customers through more professional and convenient way to serve their users.